Why You Should be Choosing Maternity-Specific Activewear

Why You Should be Choosing Maternity-Specific Activewear

By Hannah Schenker

Whether you’re a regular exerciser or wanting to get more active in your pregnancy (great for both yours and your baby’s health, more on that later!), choosing activewear specifically designed for pregnant mamas is actually a really good choice and worth the investment. Here are some reasons why.

Stay cool: It’s not just about appearance

Choosing activewear suited to pregnancy isn’t about how cool you’ll look or how fit they’ll make you seem. Staying dry, cool and comfortable while you move your body in your favourite physical activities is actually really important. As you’ll be aware (especially going into summer), when you’re pregnant your core body temperature heats up. You’re basically a walking oven, incubating your baby inside at a nice, warm, even temperature. Choosing pregnancy activewear – designed with a pregnant mama in mind – means you’ll be wearing the latest in fabric technology. Things like COOLDRY or Bamboo fabrics move perspiration through the fabric and away from your skin – which help maintain a normal body temperature.

Comfort is key

A bigger pair of your usual gym leggings may be fine initially but gradually as your belly grows, waistbands sitting tightly across or below your belly will become more and more uncomfortable and even fall down – and hitching them up every few minutes while you’re out for a walk is going to be a pain. The right maternity yoga pants and capris offer a wide support panel at the top that will either stretch right over your bump or roll gently underneath, allowing maximum comfort and support during your favourite activities. Let’s face it – feeling uncomfortable is kinda the new norm right now, so any extra discomfort will also be enough to curb your motivation to get out and moving. Invest in comfortable gear and keep that motivation up.

The only constant is change

A pregnant body is a changing body, so your usual gear isn’t going to go the distance. When your top no longer fits properly, you’re not really likely to head out for a nice walk with your belly exposed, right? You might throw on an oversized t-shirt and that’s fine – but it won’t be doing much for you other than loosely covering your bump. Alternatively, you could invest in a maternity tank, designed with a longer length to cover your bump from the early stages right through your 9 month journey – something you can wear right the way through. Find a high-support top that offers panelling that helps spread the weight of your baby bump to your back and shoulders, which will help improve your posture and encourage more comfortable exercise – which is something you’ll actually want to carry on with instead of abandoning ship.

Good quality pregnancy activewear will also be able to regain its shape after your baby is born, so will carry you through into postpartum.

Exercising regularly throughout pregnancy (and into postpartum) is so beneficial for both you and your baby.

It can:

  • Ease or prevent back pain and other discomforts
  • Boost your mood and energy levels
  • Help you sleep better
  • Build abdominal, back and pelvic floor strength to support your growing weight
  • Prevent excess weight gain and help in returning to your pre-baby weight
  • Increase stamina
  • Mentally, emotionally and physically prepare you for labour
  • Reduce the risks of gestational diabetes
  • Lessen chances of postpartum depression
  • Help your body adapt to the physical changes that come with pregnancy
  • Give you greater confidence in your body’s ability to give birth

The general guideline for pregnant women is to participate in at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day if you can – and that includes things like housework, walking to the corner store, doing the grocery shopping, etc. Exercising for just 20 minutes, 3 or 4 days a week, is still beneficial, as well. The important thing is to be active and get your blood flowing! So find things you enjoy doing – a walk around the block with a friend, a gentle prenatal yoga class, dancing in the lounge with your other kids, swimming in the sea. It doesn’t have to be in a gym, and it doesn’t need to be excessive. It’s all about moving your body in a way that’s sustainable and healthy for you. Speak to your Doctor before beginning any specific program or if you’re just not sure what might suit you.


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