What is an Exercise Physiologist and how can they help during pregnancy


We make #fitmums! Pear Exercise Physiology are specialists in exercise prescription for pregnancy, motherhood & women’s health.

But what is exercise physiology I hear you cry, and what is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist? We are new kids on the allied health scene, but with the amount of research and evidence that supports how important exercise is for our overall health, mental and physical – you will be seeing a lot more of us around!

Exercise physiology itself is the study of the acute responses and long-term adaptations to a wide range of physical activity and exercise conditions in the body. That is, what happens in the heart, lungs, stomach, liver, muscles or brain when we exercise?
In addition, Exercise Physiologists study the effect of exercise on illness and injury in these systems of the body – and the mechanisms by which exercise can reduce, or reverse disease progression (for example how exercise can influence blood glucose without the need for insulin, and help type II diabetics manage their disease). We then use this knowledge to prescribe exercise – just like medicine! In fact, our mantra is that exercise IS medicine!

As a result, Exercise Physiologists have an amazing understanding of the human body, anatomy and especially at Pear Exercise Physiology- the physiological changes brought on by pregnancy!  A lot of changes occur in the body when you are carrying a baby, even more if you are carrying 2 (or even 3!), and exercise can help at every stage of pregnancy.

At Pear Exercise Physiology we use exercise as medicine to help treat and manage a range of illness, injuries and conditions. Just as a physiotherapist may use ‘manual’ therapy to help treat injuries, Accredited Exercise Physiologists use ‘active’ therapy – like exercise, stretches and self massage to improve your health. Whilst we both work in gym spaces, we are unlike a personal trainer, as Accredited Exercise Physiologists have a 4 year university qualification, and are registered with Medicare, and our appointments are eligible for private health rebates.
The specialist exercise programs (called exercise prescription – like a medicinal prescription!) include exercise delivery, advice, education, and a strong focus on successfully changing lifestyle behaviours. We also may take measurements of your blood pressure, blood glucose and body biomechanics. We always make sure that you are enjoying your exercise as well of course!

In pregnancy, training or exercising with an Exercise Physiologist at Pear Exercise Physiology can help you to avoid, or manage, any lower back pain, pelvic pain, gestational diabetes, or swelling in hands and feet. Exercise in pregnancy is safe, but some exercises are better than others, and an Exercise Physiologist can explain and educate you on what is best for you and your body. We also have great understanding of baby positioning, and can prescribe movement to encourage baby to turn or stay in the right position!

For a lot of our post-natal clients, they are new mums with a very busy schedule, and may still be recovering and require a little rehabilitation before they get back into a higher intensity exercise, such as running, crossfit or gym classes like pump or boxing. We help a lot of mums with prolapse or abdominal separation – very common conditions after having a baby, to rehabilitate and heal their bodies and return to exercise safely. We love seeing #fitmums getting back to the activity they love!

We provide exercise prescription and rehabilitation for women who are pregnant (inc. active labour, general fitness, optimal baby positioning)

are recovering post-delivery (inc. diastasis recti, c-section rehab, post-natal depression, prolapse)

who are diabetic (type I, II or gestational diabetes)

have pelvic floor dysfunction (inc. incontinence)

suffer from lower back pain or musculoskeletal injury

have breast, bowel or gynae cancer (inc. treatment and survivorship)

and osteoporosis.

So in summary!
Accredited Exercise Physiologists use exercise as medicine to help treat or manage injury, pain or conditions!
They are allied health professionals and registered with Medicare!
They can help you to exercise during your pregnancy and recovery after delivery!
If you are interested in how an Accredited Exercise Physiologist can help you, contact us through our website, or give us a call on 0478116700!
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