BOY am I glad to be here – 12 WEEKS! Bye bye ‘morning sickness’ – although this was more like ‘ALL afternoon sickness’ – for me. HELLO second trimester, let’s hope this is a straightforward next few months ☺

We have just had our 12 week scan and all is looking good – baby is growing nicely, he / she seems very active in there 😉 I have actually felt really good this past week which makes for a nice change. The last few weeks have been tough – I have struggled with extreme fatigue and a few other issues have resulted in me not being able to get out and exercise as I normally would. However I have still managed to get out at least 3 times a week to either walk / jog or hit the gym, for which I am incredibly proud. Remember ladies this is not the time to push yourself passed your limits, if your body is truly saying no, it’s OK to take it easier that day. However if its saying no but you know it’s just a ‘lazy day’ – try get out at least for a walk! It WILL be worth it and you will feel better. It’s tough to stay motivated sometimes but the rewards far outweigh the excuses.

The gym has been harder to get to this week so I have taken out the pram and put Miss G in it, with a few books, and off we go for a light jog which changes to a walk – of course we have to stop at a few parks along the way but I take that as an opportunity to do a few triceps dips on the chair or push-ups while she is playing. We have also had a lot of fun with our bicycle this week. Now I know cycling on a bicycle is sometimes not recommended as your centre of gravity changes when you are pregnant, however I truly felt comfortable and still small enough to get on it. However after being swooped by a magpie I took it as a sign that that would probably be the last time on a bicycle – unless it’s the stationery ones at the gym.

Morning cycle with this cutie! Beautiful soft #bamboofabric MOMMY IN TRAINING tank! Feeling proud #pregnancyfitness #maternityfitness still in first trimester still safe for ME to cycle taking it easy. #pregnancyactivewear

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I have been wearing the Maternity Capris and leggings almost ALL week – they are sooo comfortable. Walking and exercising in them are a real treat, even though my belly is not that big (although to me it feels like it really popping out now) folding the unique waist panel over just once, has really offered me that extra comfort and support. And when I am not exercising I pop a normal longer shirt on and off I go to do the groceries. LOVING THEM!

Ok ladies I think that sums up week 12 – until next week. HAVE FUN, and as always I look forward to hearing what you have been up to

Take care


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