WEAR IT WEDNESDAY – SRC Activate Leggings

Happy Hump Day ladies, the absolute best day of the week, the downhill climb to the weekend.

My ‘Wear it Wednesday’ piece is simply AMAZING, one that I wish I never had to wash so that I could wear it everyday: my SRC Activate Leggings.

My favorite thing about the SRC Activate Leggings is:
The support it offers my wobbly mummy tummy.

I’m sure like most mums – after having my second – my body was definitely not the same, my organs felt like they were all over the place. I really felt like I needed extra support, especially when I started training again.

Unlike ANY other compression leggings, the SRC Activate Leggings are designed with our (womans) needs in mind. The specially designed fabric technology provides maximum support to your lower abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles – where we need it most after having babies – thus improving muscle tone and pelvic stability.

The stability has made a huge difference in my training, I feel so much more confident, my tummy is held firmly in place, the lightweight fabric feels great on and smooth’s out all my bumpy bits

I can’t recommend these highly enough. They are worth the investment, the high quality fabric ensure these leggings last.

Get yours at http://pregnancyactivewear.com/product/src-activate-leggings/ use WearWed6 Coupon at checkout for a crazy 15%off.

Offer valid for ONE WEEK ONLY. (19 July 2017)

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