Oooooo my first blog, how exciting but also Ahh (hands on my head frantic) where to start.

So seen as it’s my very first time writing let’s start with an introduction to ME, Mamma to a gorgeous, feisty huge personality 2 year old girl, my baby G (yes I know my problems may have just started, he he LOVE HER MADLY non-the-less) and normal everyday person.

So what brings me here: Pregnancy. Fitness. Clothing.

My story doesn’t start with “I’ve always been fit & active’ on the contrary keeping active and fit and maintaining a healthy weight has been a struggle in my life. Finding the motivation to get up and go has been a challenge.  Until one day I joined an outdoor group bootcamp with the best trainer and a bunch of friends that inspired me to keep going every morning. And with that my mindset about exercise changed and so did my life. Within a few months I had gone from not been able to run 1km to finishing my first ever half marathon. I cried as I crossed the finish line, what a great sense of achievement, I was so proud of myself. 

2 Months after my half marathon I found out I was pregnant with my Baby G. After speaking with my doctors, I trained well into my third trimester. I felt AMAZING. Well except for the fact that I wanted to show off my beautiful bump as I trained, after all I was so proud that I was still exercising, but I just could not find anything appropriate to wear when training. All my tops were short and kept riding up as I trained and the big trakkie pants I wore made me look and feel 10x the size I was.

And here we are today. FINALLY. I have found some beautiful, comfortable, stylish, appropriate active wear designed JUST FOR YOU – pregnant and active!

Thank you for reading and getting to know me. I look forward hearing from you and sharing your journey.

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