Mammas we all LOVE a fabulous outfit for different occasions so why change just because we are pregnant? I am sure we have all experienced that feeling a new gym outfit gives us, the kind that makes you feel stronger, more motivated and excited to ‘hit the gym’?

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So why do we think that wearing our husbands oversized tees – the ones that extend from your shoulders to your belly with nothing in-between – , ‘will do’, just because we are pregnant? NOW IS THE TIME you need that extra encouragement and motivation to get out there and start exercising.  Dressing right makes you feel good and, as your body changes shape, it’s even more important that you don’t feel self-conscious

Sure you might say maternity gym clothes are expensive, but if you exercise regularly it will be worth the investment. Why work out with your belly sticking out when you can invest in a flattering maternity workout tank featuring a longer length to cover your bump from the early stages right through your 9 month journey? The maternity high support tops, in our range, offer unique panelling that helps spread the weight of your baby bump to your back and shoulders, improving posture and encouraging more comfortable exercise during pregnancy.
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A bigger pair of your usual gym leggings may suit initially but gradually as your belly grows, waistbands sitting tightly across or below your belly will become more and more uncomfortable and possibly fall down. The right maternity yoga pants and capris offer a wide support panel at the top that will either stretch right over your bump or roll gently underneath, allowing maximum comfort and support during your pregnancy exercise.

But maternity gym wear isn’t just about appearance. Staying cool, dry and comfortable is especially important as your core body temperature increases when you’re pregnant. So investing in proper activewear designed with latest technologies and high performance fabrics, like COOLDRY or Bamboo fabrics – move perspiration through the fabric and away from your skin – which help maintain a normal body temperature.

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Pregnancy workout gear is not only designed to grow when you grow, furthermore they regain shape so you can wear them postpartum too. The super comfortable and stylish pregnancy active wear, in our range, can be paired with jeans or shorts and enjoyed as part of your everyday pregnancy outfit.


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